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Local self Government means Government at local level, termed as 1st tier of democratic set up of any country, where the decisions are to be made at local level. In our country this tier of government is followed by Government at State termed as 2nd tier of governance and the 3rd tier is Government at apex level or Central Government.

Local Self Governance in our country has been seen from the year 1687, when 1st Municipal Corporation was established in Madras and with the passage of time the same was followed in other areas of our country.

The State of Jammu and Kashmir also witnessed government at local level when in the year 1886 two municipalities were established one for Jammu and one for Kashmir under the J&K Municipal Act No.16 of 1886. The number of such Local Self Governing Bodies, have now gone to 77 which include 6 Municipal Councils and 71 Municipal Committees in the State.